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Racing Electric Motostudent International Hellenic University

Racing Electric Motostudent, is the research racing team of the International University of Greece, based on the University of Serres. Its goal is the design and construction of the first electric racing motorcycle in Greece in the context of the global competition MotoStudent 2019 – 2021.
The team, having a passion for motorsport but also a desire to create something original and innovative in our country, decided to take part in the largest student motorcycle racing competition organized by the Federation Internationale Motocyclisme (FIM).
From the beginning of the research and development of the prototype, the team set the bar high by wanting to apply composite materials and technologies that are rarely used in the field of motorcycles. So, after a year of study and design, Racing Electric Motostudent is ready to present its prototype before proceeding with the construction.
More specifically, the team’s goal was to create a motorcycle with Moto 3 specifications. Wanting to become more competitive, the team focused on the transmission system which is the most important innovation of Hyperion.
What sets the team apart from other student groups is the ability for the university to use its laboratories to make components. 90% of them will be entirely made by the team members at the MT-LAB facilities on the campus of Serres.

Manufacturing is Our Specialty

Parts manufactured in our facilities
Parts out of the 100 96%
Machinery Equipment

What is MotoStudent?

Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark MotorLand promote the MotoStudent International Competition, a challenge between University Student teams among all over the world.

The goal for students is to apply all their knowledge acquired during their university studies in a real industrial project, by designing, developing and manufacturing a real racing motorbike prototype, which will be evaluated and tested in Motorland Aragón FIM Circuit. There are two categories:

  • MotoStudent Petrol (internal combustion engine)

  • MotoStudent electric (100% electric propulsion system)

MotoStudent itself represents a challenge to the students, which have to prove their creativity and innovation skills to directly apply their engineering abilities against other teams from universities all over the world during a period of three semesters.